Friday 15th May

Retest Friday 3rd April Next Thursday we will start another set of tests so be sure to record your scores for the retest coming up from the start of July. It’s time to set in some good routines and make some awesome improvements in your movement, fitness, strength, capacity and consequently your aesthetics goals going into winter!

Warm-up (6 minutes)

Once Through

200m run or 100 single skips

6 Strict Pull Ups 10 Ring Rows or 8 wide pushups

12 situps

18 Air Squats


Groin, hams, ankles, then 1 minute crab walk.


5x5 Back Squat with Barbell (if you only have light weight add a tempo of 4X4X)

5x8 Hug Squat with deadball (add tempo of 4X4X if not heavy)

5x8 Goblet Squat with KB or DB or double KB or double DB (add tempo if light 4X4X)


4 Rounds For Time (16 minute cap)

15 Chest to Bar Pullups or Bent Over Rows 50/35 or on 22.5/15kg DB each side

15 V Snaps

15 Shoulder to Overhead 60/42.5kg

Try to keep transition time to a minimum and move through each set smoothly. It is possibly to keep your heart rate somewhat in control while crushing a piece like this. Stay calm.


Chest to bars can be pull-ups, and the number here can drop to between 5-12 if need be, if you can do chest to bar do them with minimal reps. Shoulder to overhead weight should only take 1-2 sets or this workout will become too challenging. Use push jerks and quality ones at that.



AMRAP 20 Minutes

Max Distance on C2 Bike

Keep a fast RPM cadence throughout the 20 Minutes. Adjust the damper to allow for 80+ RPMs and the fastest maintainable split time


Crossfit Raw Commando