Friday 6th March

Warm up: (5 minutes)

Run 400m

20 Goblet Squats

20 or 10 Burpees to Target

Stretch: Calves/Achilles, lats and shoulders on the floor, thoracic on the floor.


12 Minutes

4 Muscle Up’s or 4 chest to bars or 4 pull-ups or 4 strict pull-ups

6 or 10 GHD Sit Ups

Move steady through this, it’s all about improving your pulling gymnastics. Each GHD set should be controlled, if you have never done 100+ in a session please do the 6 instead of 10.


AMRAP 4:00 x 3

25 Deadball Squats (on shoulder) 45/30kg

20 Box Jumps 24/20″

Max Push Ups in remaining time

Rest 1:00

Don’t put that Sandbag down. Having the ability of resting it on your shoulder means you should be able to hold on for every rep all 3 rounds. Move quick through the Box Jumps (not overs), and fly through Push Ups until time expires.

Extras: Please choose 1 based on perceived weakness.


10 Rounds

2 Squat Clean and Jerk 100/65kg

4 Bar Muscle Ups

40′ Handstand Walk

Try to move steady through all 10 rounds. Do not come out like you’ve been shot out of a cannon then stand around later on. See if you can walk through every round like the terminator, straight face, heart rate in control.


“Perfect Pace”

Row 1250/1000m x 4

Rest 3:00

Hold 2k PR Pace

Your goal should be to finish each row within a couple seconds of each other. You are developing the ability to pace based on feel.


Romanian Deadlift


Choose a weight on the RDLs that you can hit for all 5 sets. If you want to go up a bit on your last set, go for it.


Dumbbell Press


Go heavy, but also focus on quality range of motion. Use a neutral grip on every set. Standing or seated is ok.


8 Rounds

30m Farmer’s Carry


Rest as needed

Try to use farmers handles so that you can move the most weight possible. The first couple rounds should be unbroken. If the 100′ takes a couple attempts later on, that’s fine. Please pack these away neatly and don’t drop them.


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