Friday 8th May


Floss Shoulders

3 Steady Rounds

10 Strict Pull Ups or Bent Over Rows Slow

20 box step ups or 20 lunges


Standing straddle each position 20 seconds, 20 sec lateral lunges, sphinx stretch 20 seconds into 10 superman snaps, hollow rocks 3x10 seconds.




Take 7 minutes to prepare for it.

Warm up with lighter weight before hitting your one set

Your body should be prepared for some heavy loading after moving though your other training pieces. The goal is not to find a new max, but to move your sets through perfect range of motion under a lot of tension.

DB or KB Group complete 3x20 at your heaviest weight with slow control that stays consistent.


AMRAP 10 Minutes

30 Situps

30 Front Squats 50/35kg

Steady on both will get the job done. If you find yourself taking a lot of extra breaks, you’ll quickly fall behind the pack.

Extras: Please choose 1 based on perceived weakness.


For Distance

Run 12:00 x 3

Rest 5:00

Based on your experiences choose a wattage/pace to hold throughout the entire 12:00. If your pace needs to increase from round to round that’s fine, just be consistent in each window.


Every 5 Minutes for 15 Minutes

9 Bar Muscle Ups

18 Power Snatch 35/25kg

27/21 Calories on Bike Erg

Rest Remainder

Move really fast through each round and allow yourself as much rest as you can. There are only 3 rounds to complete so don’t be afraid to lay it out there in the first round knowing you’ll recharge some before the second and third.


For Completion

3 Rounds

3 Pegboard Climbs

2k on Assault Bike

Rest/Transition as needed

If the pegboard gives you a lot of trouble, consider a 3-2-1 rep/round scheme or even less. But, try to get some practice or volume in at a minimum.


Crossfit Raw Commando