Monday 23rd March



Straight Through

Row 500m

15 Double Dumbbell Deadlift

15 Double Dumbbell Hang Cleans

15 Double Dumbbell Push Press

Stretch: Straddle, front split, lateral lunges, 10 glute bridges, 1:00 banded glute steps


Take 6 minutes to build to this percentage. Perfect movement at this heavy weight.

Back Squat

4×3 @ 87.5% Every 2 minutes


Row 20/16 Calories x 8

Rest 2:00

Let it all hang out each round. Your output will drop even with two minutes rest, that’s okay in this piece. Max effort. Remember that rowing with good form (back flat, slightly leant forward at the start of the pull and slightly leant back with a pause at the end of the pull) is the best way to row regardless of the pace.

Extras: Please choose 1 based on weakness


Squat Clean

Warm Up

4×2 @ 60-70%

w/ pause at knee

drop and reset


7×1 @ 90%+

During the “Warm Up” portion, focus on your set up position then pull and pause in front of the knee for a two count before finishing the lift.


3 Rounds

21 Bench Press 80/55

21 Sumo DLHP 60/42.5

400m Sandbag Carry 100/70lbs

Rest 2:00

The Bench and Sumos should be strategically broken starting in the first round. Trying to go unbroken even with rest may cause you to go to complete failure in the remaining rounds. We want you to be able to get all the work done. This piece is a grind.


Backwards Facing Sled Drag

4 Rounds

:90 on

:90 off

Sled @ Bodyweight

Move faster than you would have during test week, as you only have to survive a short time before resting.


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