Monday 2nd March



6 Minutes of:

150m Bike/Row/Ski

10 Barbell Thrusters

1 Wall Walk

Stretch hips, groin, hams and ankles on the ground. Then stretch chest out.


Back Squat

5 Minutes to build to percentage and then:

4×3 @ 82.5% (Perform one set every 1:45)

Be Strong - Move Aggressive Up - Drop Percentage If Reps Don’t Look Perfect


AMRAP 4:00 x 3

15 Bench Press 60/42.5 (or 60% of 1RM)

10 Ring Dips (if these will not be completed in 2 sets scale to pushups)

Max Distance on Bike/Row/Ski in remaining time

Rest 1:00

4 minutes is plenty of time. Don’t be frantic on the bench press reps. Also, if the weight is going to be too much for 45 reps, lower it.

Extra’s: Choose 1 based off perceived weakness



Warm Up

4×2 @ 60-70% of 1RM

With pause at knee

Drop and reset


5×1 @ 80-90% of 1RM

During the “Warm Up” portion, focus on your set up position then pull and pause in front of the knee for a two count before finishing the lift.


Sprint 100m x 5

Rest 4:00

Sell out each sprint. Take enough time to recover that you feel ready to give it 100% again. When your legs won’t go anymore, end the piece.


“Banded March”

2:00 x 3

Rest as needed

Hold 45/30kg Deadball

The easiest way to set this up is to stand in a squat rack with the “J-cups” set low enough that you can stretch a band across them between your legs. Wear a belt and attach them to the band(s). Hug a med ball and march with “high knees” close to a 90 degree angle with the leg.


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