Monday 4th May




4 Steady Rounds

10 Dumbbell Push Press

15 cals or 150m Run

20 Double Unders


Front rack stretch 30 seconds, pec stretch 30 seconds each side, 30 seconds swinging arms from legs to OH, 45 seconds Spiderman lunges with added thoracic stretch.


Push Jerk


Spend plenty of time with lighter weights, reinforcing that quality movement you have worked on throughout the cycle. The reps should look the same no matter how heavy it gets. Our focus this week needs to be on creating the best possible front rack position to allow us to safely and efficiently move 7 reps overhead.


For Time

3 Rounds

30m Dumbbell Walking Lunge (single arm OH, or if you have two put one OH and one in the front rack, change at the 15m mark)

30 Bent over

400m Run

Make your transitions a priority in this piece. Jump right on to the Bar or DB for your after you complete the last step of Lunges. Get on the road and start going immediately after the rows, even if you pace suffers when starting out. Keep wasted time to an absolute minimum.

Extras: Choose 1 based on perceived weakness


Clean Complex (power clean, push jerk, front squat, hang squat clean, split jerk)

Every :90 for 9 Minutes

2 Rep

You can build throughout sets

Start at a weight you are very confident with and make small jumps based on how your session is going. If things are smooth as can be, continue to make small jumps throughout the sets. If things feel shaky and inconsistent, stay put and focus on technique and speed.


Every 4 Minutes for 16 Minutes

Run 400m

21 or 15 HSPU

Rest Remainder

Push a good pace on the Run right up until you kick upside down for your first HSPY. Try to give yourself some rest by getting the rounds done as quickly as possible.


Crossfit Raw Commando