Thursday 14th May

Retest from Thursday 2nd April - Next Thursday we will start another set of tests so be sure to record your scores for the retest coming up from the start of July. It’s time to set in some good routines and make some awesome improvements in your movement, fitness, strength, capacity and consequently your aesthetics goals going into winter!


2 Steady Rounds

30 Seconds jog on the spot

5 Inchworms

15 Banded Good Mornings

30 Alternating Jumping Lunges


Thoracic spine, shoulders on floor, spider man lunges

Then complete 2 sets of 10 passive to actives in handstand against wall


EMOM 10 minutes on clock:

Barbell Complex: 1 Power Clean, 1 Push Jerk, 1 Front Squat, 1 Hang Squat Clean, 1 Split Jerk, all unbroken without letting go of the bar.

DB Complex: 1 DB Power Clean, 1 DB Push Jerk, 1 DB Front Squat, 1 DB Hang Squat Clean, 1 DB Split Jerk, all unbroken, IF ONLY 1 DB alternate arms each minute.

KB Complex: 1 KB Power Clean, 1 KB Push Jerk, 1 KB Front Racked Squat, 1 KB Hang Squat Clean, 1 KB Split Jerk, all unbroken, alternate arms every minute.


2 Rounds For Time:

800m Run

30 Hang Clean and Jerk (Barbell 50/35, DB 22.5's/15's, KB's 16's/12's)

I want you to practice barbell cycling, from the hang is difficult but can become smooth with good practice at light weight. Going all out on your first 800m run will leave you in a severe energy deficit for the remainder of this piece. Push, but don’t redline early. The place to keep that time under tension will be holding on to the bar for bigger chunks of reps


Weight of the hang clean and jerks back to something you can likely at least do 5-6 reps at a time with smooth form, but not without good effort,



Every 3 Minutes Until Failure

*30 Minute Cap

400m Run or Row

10 Strict Handstand Push Ups

Add 2 HSPU Per Round

The Run/Row should be a repeatable effort each round, leaving enough time for you to get through your HSPU sets as efficiently as possible. Scale to normal pushups or normal HSPU.


Crossfit Raw Commando