Thursday 21st May

Feel free to get moving before class, stretch up well, and rip into our little primer for today! If you don’t have spare time you can just use this as your warm up but if you’re looking for a little extra go all out on this.


AMRAP 4 Minutes

Run 100m

10 Double Dumbbell Snatch or Ground to Overhead with one piece of equipment.


3 x 15

Push Press (around or less than 50% of your max)

Every 2 minutes


For Time

6 Rounds

9 Sumo DLHP

9 Lateral Bar Burpees



  • Choose a weight thats challenging on the SDHP but you can still get unbroken each round. If you only have light weight you can up the reps to 12 or 15.

  • The burpee number can be lowered to 6 if 9 does not allow you to push the pace each round, lowering the number might seem like it’s making it easier but going faster is the general idea here so make the change if you need to.

  • HSPU scale to pike pushups on toes or with toes/knees on a bench or box. Please remember to set up safely for these.

Extras: Please choose 1 based on perceived weakness


AMRAP 4 Minutes x 3

15 Power Snatch 35/25

15 Box Jump Overs 24/20″

15 Push Ups

Rest 2:00


Every 4 Minutes For 32 Minutes

Row 500m


Run 400m

You can do one or the other, OR you can alternate movements every 4 minutes


Crossfit Raw Commando