Thursday May 7th


Floss Quads above Knee

5 Steady Rounds

10 sec HS hold (freestanding or against wall)

10 Supermans

5 Light Goblet Pause Squats


Front rack stretch with elbows on the floor, chest scorpions 20 seconds, hip flow (down dog, dragon stretch, hamstring stretch, ankle stretch) each side


Power Clean

4 Rounds

:90 on

:90 off


Drop and Reset

Even though we want you to get as many reps as possible in your allotted time window, we still want you to take the extra split second to set up perfectly before each rep. The drop and reset is mandatory.

WOD For Time: (20 min cap)

10 Rounds

10 Thrusters 42.5/30kg (please scale to be unbroken every round)

5 Burpees

Rest :30

Drop the bar and immediately jump on the ground if possible. The work window is very small, go for it each round. The burpee number can be scaled to 3 if you are slow at these, that way you can focus on speed.

Extras: Please choose 1 based on weakness


For Time

100′ Handstand Walk

400m Ski

400m Run

80′ Handstand Walk

300m Ski

300m Run

60′ Handstand Walk

200m Ski

200m Run

40′ Handstand Walk

100m Ski

100m Run

20′ Handstand Walk

Use your pacing skills to give yourself the best opportunity to finish your HS Walks quickly.


For Time

4 Rounds

20/12 Calories Bike

15/12 Calorie Row

Rest 3:00

Switch starting movement each round

Tear through the first set of Calories and survive the next set the best you can. Make sure you alternate machines that you start with each time. If you need more than the 3:00 to recover, take it.


Crossfit Raw Commando