Tuesday 5th May


Floss Ankle

3 Steady Rounds

200m Run

12 Sit Ups

5 Handstand Push Up Practice reps


8 reps of puppy dog to cat to cow stretch, 20 seconds laying on your back scorpions, seated straddle each position 20 seconds, seated groin stretch 30 seconds. 10 sec glute bridges, 10 sec jumping squats.


Back Squat


If you’re working with lighter weights today we want to focus on not having a break at the top or at the bottom but continuously moving through the entire set. Our goal would be 4 down and 4 up but no stopping at the base or the top.

WOD For Time:

4 Rounds (20 minute cap)

25 Wallballs 9/6kg or light thrusters

12 Handstand pushups

Run 400m

Rest 2:00

Wallball/Thruster and HSPU sets SHOULD BE UNBROKEN


If the wall-ball/thruster weight won’t allow you to stay unbroken throughout scale it back, the reps are more important.

Choose a handstand number you can do unbroken from the start.

HSPU can be scaled to pushups, keep number the same.

Extras: Please choose 1 based on weakness


For Distance

10:00 Bike Erg (or push bike or run) x 3

Rest 3:00

Either build across all 10 minutes or hold a pace the entire the time. Do not allow yourself to fall off at any point. Keep in mind that the rest is short, and you’re expected to repeat or best yourself in each interval.


Back Rack Single Leg Split Squats

6×10 (3 sets/side)

Heavier than last time


Dumbbell Bench Press

5 Max Sets w/ 32.5/22.5kg

Rest :90

Go one rep shy of failure on each set of bench. You may also elect to use more than :90 rest between sets, and that’s okay. Try to get more total reps than last time.


Crossfit Raw Commando