Wednesday 13th May


Floss Ankles

4 Steady Rounds

:30 Wall Walk Hold

12 Kettlebell or DB Swings, or plate ground to overhead.

8 Burpees to Target thats 6 inches above your reach


Stretch calves for 20 seconds on each side, pigeon stretch 30 seconds per side, 20 seconds jumping Spiderman lunges, 15 glute bridges, 10 lateral squats


Squat Clean


Run 400m for Rest between sets

Get on the road immediately after your last rep and move steady. This is a recovery pace, and shouldn’t jack up your heart rate or burn you out.


AMRAP 12 Minutes

50′ Handstand Walk or 3 wall walks

25 Front Squat 60/42.5

25 Bar Facing Burpees

Try to hold on for big sets with the squats. Take the Burpees intentionally slow and smooth immediately after.

Extras, please choose one of the following based on perceived weaknesses:


For Time

3 Rounds

30/25 Calorie Row or 200m run

30 Axle Bar Push Press 70/47.5

Rest 2:00

Plan on doing multiple sets each round on the PUSH PRESS. There is no re-dip allowed and the Axle bar can make things a little less comfortable. Just try to keep rest to a minimum until the end of the round.


For Time

8k Run

Get out there kids. If you have been doing our distance running all cycle, this is just another training piece at this point. If you have been skipping it, then this is going to be scary and possibly mess you up so remember to cut it back to something sensible, chat to your coaches.


For Time

800m Swim x 2

Rest as needed

(Saturday or Sunday)

We are looking for skilled, steady, consistent strokes. Don’t just splash around as fast as you can trying to get the work done. Practice breathing and keep your heart rate in control. Find a swim coach if you feel like you’re a lost cause.


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