Wednesday 20th May


Floss Shoulders

3 Steady Rounds:

30 seconds Handstand Walk practice

16 Dumbbell Snatch alternating

16 Push-Ups


Lat roll out for 1 min each side, thoracic flow on floor, cat cow stretch.

Then: 2 rds 10 sec dead hang, 10 sec HS hold, 5 glute bridges

Strength: Every 90 seconds

Barbell 4x6 push jerks, work on the cycling of reps, rest overhead and catch dip and drive and re drop under the bar in move smooth movement.

DB or KB 4x6 push jerks on each arm, work on the cycling of reps, rest overhead and catch dip and drive and re drop under the DB or KB in move smooth movement.


For Time (15 minute time cap)


Ring Dips or Pushups

Toes to Bar or V Snaps

Alternating Dumbbell Snatch 32.5/22.5kg


- If your goal is pure fitness scale the ring dips to push ups and the toes to bar to kipping knee raises and get to work full sending this one.

- If your goal is CrossFit skills based consider tackling 15-10-5 of the gymnastics reps and allow yourself to take sufficient rest between bigger chunks of reps.

- If both movements are comfortable for you it’s about minimising the time you’re resting, don’t confuse this for the amount of rest periods you take, taking 4 short 5 second breaks is a way better tactic then hanging on early and then taking slow transitions and big breaks of up to 20 seconds later on in the piece.

- For all the dumbbell should not be split up and remember please do not drop dumbbell.



AMRAP 4 Minutes x 3

30m Dumbbell Walking Lunge with 70/50s *2018 Regional Style #RIPREGIONALS (one OH one racked) (15m R-Arm OH, 15m L-Arm OH)

10 Dumbbell Box Step Overs 24/20″ 70/50s

Max Rep Double Unders in remaining time

Rest 2:00

The Lunges are 2018 Regionals Style, and so are the Box Step Overs. You will have to move fast through those first two movements to have much time with your jump rope.


Crossfit Raw Commando