Wednesday May 6th


Floss Wrists

4 Steady Rounds

Run 200m

:30 Squat Hold

12 Overhead Walking Lunge Steps w/ Empty Bar or light KB/DB


Thoracic stretch on wall 20 sec eyes down 20 sec eyes up, then lengthen each lat in the same stretch. 5 Thoracic rotations each side. 1 minute Spiderman lunge with thoracic rotations. Then 2x10 sec handstand holds.


Squat Snatch


Jog 400m for Rest between sets

Get to the Run immediately after your last rep and move steady. This is a recovery pace, and shouldn’t jack up your heart rate or burn you out.


AMRAP 9 Minutes

Climb the Ladder

3 Chest to Bar

3 Deadlift 100/70kg

6/6, 9/9, etc.

When the sets get larger, staying unbroken isn’t necessarily the answer. Breaking things early and often will help keep both your pull and grip intact longer.


  • Deadlifts can be complete on one or two DB/KB and the numbers can be the same

  • Pullups can be used instead of C2B

  • If no pull-up bar change them to bar facing burpees and make your fitness bullet proof.

Extras: Please choose 1 based on perceived weakness.


For Time

7 Rounds

20 Heavy Double Unders or 30 normal double unders

15 GHD Sit Ups or V Snaps

5 Squat Snatch 42.5/30

Rest :30

The rep scheme and weight of the Snatch, along with the short rest period give you an interesting decision to make. Do you touch and go and save a little but of time each round? Or go a bit slower with singles throughout?


For Time

600/450 Calorie Row

It seems like a daunting task, but this is not even a 10k Row. Stay mentally checked it and take the opportunity to play your your stroke rate. See what works best for a larger amount of Calories.


For Time

400m Swim x 4

Rest 4:00

(Saturday or Sunday)

We are looking for skilled, steady, consistent strokes. Don’t just splash around as fast as you can trying to get the work done. Practice breathing and keep your heart rate in control. Find a swim coach if you feel like you’re a lost cause.


Crossfit Raw Commando